It’s not often you and a facial exfoliate made entirely out of beans. In fact, the concept might have never crossed your mind. Yet Kim Leonard, owner of En Vie Naturals, not only came up with the idea, but hand ground, sied, and chose all the ingredients that went into making Sweetpea, one of her most popular products. With names like Sweetpea and Butter-Me-Up, all of Kim’s products sound delicious, and with all natural ingredients and no chemicals, they could be edible.

For sixteen years, Kim Leonard worked in the cosmetics industry and was exposed to the inner workings of commercial beauty products, it wasn’t long before she started reading the labels of her products. What she found was horrifying. Some of the products she used at home and found on shelves of stores contain animal products and a large amount of different harmful chemicals like paraben.

Kim’s focus on all-natural, vegan beauty products made straight from her kitchen sets her apart from many of the organic beauty businesses in San Francisco.